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Phase 1: Celebrity Takedown


  • Development & production begin on Gorillaz


  • 27th of November: The EP, Tomorrow Comes Today is released
  • 6th of December: The first media appearance on the cover of Dazed & Confused is published


  • 5th of March: The first single, Clint Eastwood is released
  • 20th of March: The first live performance on Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session takes place
  • 22nd of March: The first public concert at the London Scala takes place
  • 26th of March: The first studio album, Gorillaz is released
  • 25th of May: The band make their first guest appearance on the PlayStation 2 game, MTV Music Generator 2
  • 19th of June: Gorillaz is released in the US
  • 22nd of June: The tour, Gorillaz Live begins
  • 25th of June: The single, 19-2000 is released
  • 16th of August: The first concert in Japan takes place
  • 22nd of October: The single, Rock the House is released
  • 4th of November: Gorillaz is released in Japan
  • 7th of December: The single, 911 is released
  • 12th of December: The compilation album, G Sides is released in Japan; and the TV special, Charts of Darkness airs on Channel 4


  • 20th of February: The first award show performance at the BRITs with Phi Life Cypher takes place
  • 22nd of February: The TV game, Zombie Kong is released
  • 25th of February: The first concert in the US takes place; and the Tomorrow Comes Today single is released
  • 26th of February: G Sides is released in the US
  • 11th of March: G Sides is released in the UK; and Gorillaz Live ends
  • 4th of May: The award show performance at the Golden Melody Awards with Vanness Wu & Stanley Huang takes place
  • 1st of July: The remix album, Laika Come Home is released
  • 22nd of July: The single, Lil’ Dub Chefin’ is released
  • 18th of November: The DVD, Phase One: Celebrity Take Down is released

Phase 2: Slowboat to Hades


  • 8th of December: The music video for Rock It is released
  • 15th of December: The online talent contest, Search for a Star begins


  • 17th of April: The upcoming single, Feel Good Inc. enters the charts
  • 9th of May: Feel Good Inc. is released
  • 11th of May: The studio album, Demon Days is released in Japan
  • 23rd of May: Demon Days is released in the UK
  • 24th of May: The mix, Roadkill & the “Black Edition” Kidrobot figures are released
  • 6th of June: The tour, Demon Detour begins
  • 22nd of June: Demon Detour ends
  • 29th of August: The single, DARE is released
  • 1st of September: The winners of Search for a Star are revealed.
  • 1st of November: The Demon Days Live concerts begin
  • 3rd of November: The award show performance at the VMA’s with De La Soul takes place
  • 5th of November: Demon Days Live ends
  • 21st of November: The single, Dirty Harry is released
  • 26th of December: The Gorillaz episode of MTV Cribs airs


  • 8th of February: The award show performance at the Grammys with De La Soul & Madonna takes place
  • 15th of February: The award show performance at the BRITs with Bootie Brown takes place
  • 4th of March: The Gorillaz exhibition at the Design Museum opens.
  • 27th of March: The DVD, Demon Days Live at the Manchester Opera House is released
  • 2nd of April: The Demon Days Live NYC concerts begin
  • 6th of April: Demon Days Live NYC ends
  • 7th of April: The mobile game, GES is released
  • 10th of April: The double-single, El Mañana / Kids with Guns is released.
  • 5th of June: The documentary, The Essentials: Gorillaz airs on MTV2
  • 18th of June: The Design Museum exhibition ends.
  • 16th of October: The “CMYK Edition” Kidrobot figures are released
  • 26th of October: The book, Rise of the Ogre is released
  • 30th of October: The DVD, Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades is released
  • 5th of December: The audiobook for Rise of the Ogre begins with the release of Part I, each part releasing on a weekly basis
  • 26th of December: Rise of the Ogre’s audiobook ends with the release of Part IV


  • 24th of October: Rise of the Ogre is re-released in paperback
  • 19th of November: The compilation/remix album, D-Sides is released


  • 7th of February: The film, Bananaz debuts at Berlin International Film Festival
  • 18th of August: The album, Journey to the West is released, based on Damon & Jamie’s opera from the year prior

Phase 3: Escape to Plastic Beach


  • 14th of January: Damon Albarn hosts a takeover on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, teasing new demos
  • 20th of April: Bananaz is released on Babelgum
  • 1st of June: Bananaz is released on DVD
  • 1st of December: The home decoration, Demon Lamp is released


  • 21st of January: The series, Pirate Radio begins with the release of episode 1, with each episode releasing on a weekly basis
  • 26th of January: The single, Stylo is released
  • 22nd of February: The initial run of Pirate Radio ends with the release of episode 4
  • 1st of March: The Gorillaz takeover in The Guardian begins
  • 3rd of March: The studio album, Plastic Beach is released in Japan
  • 5th of March: The Guardian takeover ends
  • 8th of March: Plastic Beach is released in the UK; and a Gorillaz takeover in The Sun newspaper’s “Bizarre” section is published
  • 18th of April: Gorillaz perform at Coachella
  • 9th of May: The fan club, Sub Division is launched
  • 28th of May: The single, Superfast Jellyfish is released
  • 12th of June: The single, On Melancholy Hill is released
  • 25th of June: Gorillaz perform at Glastonbury Festival
  • 25th of July: Gorillaz perform at the Damascus Citadel
  • 26th of July: The mobile game, Escape to Plastic Beach is released
  • 16th of September: The webchat with Murdoc on Facebook takes place
  • 3rd of October: The Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour begins
  • 22nd of October: The EP, iTunes Session is released
  • 2nd of November: The contest, Design the Evangelist begins
  • 22nd of November: The single, Doncamatic is released
  • 21st of December: The Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour ends
  • 22nd of December: The music video for Phoner To Arizona is released
  • 25th of December: The studio album, The Fall is given to Sub Division members


  • 6th of January: The winner of Design the Evangelist is revealed
  • 8th of March: The Fall Pirate Radio Show is released on the Gorillaz website
  • 14th of March: The double-single, Revolving Doors / Amarillo is released
  • 18th of April: The Fall is released commercially, The Fall Pirate Radio Show is released on Spotify; and the app, iELECTRIBE: Gorillaz Edition is released
  • 28th of November: The compilation album, The Singles Collection 2001-2011 is released
  • 13th of December: The radio show, We Are 10 is released on Spotify


  • 31st of January: Pirate radio transmissions from Murdoc begin appearing on SoundCloud
  • 23rd of February: The single, DoYaThing & the Spring collection of Chuck Taylor All-Stars are released
  • 29th of February: The SoundCloud pirate radio transmissions end
  • 26th of July: The Fall collection of Chuck Taylor’s is released

Phase 4: We Are Still Humanz


  • 30th of January: Jamie Hewlett posts new art of Noodle & Murdoc on his Instagram
  • 2nd of February: Jamie posts new art of Russel on his Instagram
  • 5th of February: Jamie posts new art of 2D on his Instagram; and continues to tease new Gorillaz art for two years


  • 3rd of October: The Book of Noodle is released
  • 7th of October: The Book of Russel is released; and Noodle is announced as the Global Ambassador for Jaguar Racing
  • 8th of October: Russel’s “Caturday” Playlist for PUSS PUSS Magazine is released
  • 21st of October: The Book of Murdoc is released
  • 28th of October: The Book of 2D is released
  • 4th of November: 2D’s Gap Year Playlist for Highsnobiety is released
  • 19th of December: Murdoc’s Dirty Santa Playlist is released


  • 2nd of January: The mix, 私 Noodle❗️ is released
  • 19th of January: The music video for Hallelujah Money is released
  • 23rd of March: The singles, Saturnz Barz, We Got The Power, Ascension & Andromeda are released
  • 24th of March: Gorillaz perform Humanz live at The Printworks
  • 6th of April: The single, Let Me Out is released
  • 10th of April: The Gorillaz app is released
  • 11th of April: The Gorillaz episode of Song Exploder is released
  • 13th of April: The playlist series, G-Mix begins on Spotify
  • 19th of April: The app, The Lenz is released
  • 21st of April: The event, Humanz House Party begins
  • 23rd of April: Humanz House Party ends
  • 24th of April: The single, The Apprentice is released
  • 28th of April: The studio album, Humanz is released
  • 5th of May: The Gorillaz episode of The Late Show Presents: Bonus Tracks is released
  • 18th of May: G-Mix: 2 is released
  • 8th of June: The music video for Sleeping Powder is released
  • 10th of June: Demon Dayz Festival Margate takes place
  • 16th of June: The single, Sleeping Powder is released
  • 27th of June: G-Mix: 3 is released
  • 30th of June: The mix, Sounds of Chicago & the A Solar Collaboration track, Frequency (No Dormir) are released
  • 8th of July: The Humanz Tour begins
  • 28th of July: G-Mix: 4 is released
  • 4th of August: The single, Strobelite is released
  • 25th of August: G-Mix: 5 is released
  • 14th of September: The fashion line, G Foot is launched
  • 6th of October: G-Mix: 6 is released
  • 22nd of October: Jamie Hewlett’s artbook is released
  • 31st of October: The single, Garage Palace is released
  • 3rd of November: Humanz (Super Deluxe Edition) is released
  • 7th of November: G-Mix: 7 is released
  • 1st of December: The single, Andromeda (D.R.A.M. Special) & G Magazine are released
  • 2nd of December: The Gorillaz takeover on Reprezent begins
  • 4th of December: The Reprezent takeover ends
  • 12th of December: The A Solar Collaboration track, Meadows is released
  • 13th of December: The A Solar Collaboration track, Szél is released
  • 19th of December: Jamie Hewlett’s artbook is re-released with a new cover


  • 9th of February: G-Mix: 8 is released
  • March: The EP, A Solar Collaboration is released
  • 16th of March: G-Mix: 9 is released
  • 30th of March: The Humanz Tour ends
  • 2nd of May: The podcast, Things I Like by Russel begins with the release of episodes 1 & 2, with each episode from 3-5 releasing on a weekly basis afterwards
  • 30th of May: Things I Like by Russel ends with the release of episodes 6 & 7

Phase 5: The Now Now


  • 31st of May: The singles, Humility & Lake Zurich are released
  • 1st of June: The Summer Festivals 2018 tour begins
  • 4th of June: The campaign, Free Murdoc is launched
  • 7th of June: The single, Sorcererz is released
  • 14th of June: The single, Fire Flies is released
  • 21st of June: The single, Hollywood is released
  • 22nd of June: Gorillaz perform The Now Now live at The Boiler Room
  • 29th of June: The studio album, The Now Now is released
  • 10th of August: G-Mix: 10 is released
  • 17th of August: The Summer Festivals 2018 tour ends
  • 14th of September: The single, Tranz is released
  • 8th of October: The Now Now Tour begins
  • 20th of October: Demon Dayz Festival LA takes place
  • 24th of October: The Now Now Tour ends
  • 26th of October: Free Murdoc ends
  • 15th of November: The 2D & Murdoc G-Shocks are released
  • 16th of November: Season 2 of G Foot is launched
  • 15th of December: The Noodle & Russel G-Shocks are released


  • 26th of February: The customisable Levi’s range is launched
  • 2nd of August: The set of playlists, Maydeup Festival is released
  • 18th of September: The 2019 collection of G-Shocks is released

Phase 6: Song Machine


  • 11th of October: The set of playlists, Wish You Were Here is released
  • 31st of October: The playlist, Night Terrors! is released; and the online event, Fright Night takes place
  • 14th of November: The 2D Superplastic figure is released
  • 16th of December: The film, Reject False Icons debuts in cinemas
  • 20th of December: The playlist, Murdoc’s Sleighlist is released
  • 24th of December: Reject False Icons (Director’s Cut) is released


  • 28th of January: The single, Song Machine Theme Tune is released
  • 30th of January: The EP, Song Machine Episode 1 & the single, Momentary Bliss are released
  • 6th of February: The Twitter thread series, Debunked with Murdoc Niccals begins.
  • 21st of February: G-Mix: 11 is released
  • 27th of February: The EP, Song Machine Episode 2 & the single, Désolé are released
  • 18th of March: G-Mix: 12 is released
  • 30th of March: The Facebook group, G Club is launched
  • 3rd of April: The G Club event, 28 Day Challenge begins
  • 7th of April: The social media series, Get Lost with Gorillaz begins
  • 9th of April: The EP, Song Machine Episode 3 & the single, Aries are released
  • 16th of April: Debunked with Murdoc Niccals ends
  • 30th of April: 28 Day Challenge ends
  • 1st of May: G-Mix: 13 is released
  • 2nd of May: The single, How Far? is released
  • 5th of June: The campaign, Be The Change is launched
  • 6th of June: G-Mix: 14 is released
  • 9th of June: The EP, Song Machine Episode 4 & the single, Friday 13th are released
  • 23rd of June: The “40th Anniversary” edition of Jamie Hewlett’s artbook is released
  • 17th of July: Get Lost with Gorillaz ends
  • 20th of July: The EP, Song Machine Episode 5 & the single, PAC-MAN are released
  • 9th of September: The EP, Song Machine Episode 6 & the single, Strange Timez are released
  • 1st of October: The EP, Song Machine Episode 7 & the single, The Pink Phantom are released
  • 19th of October: The radio show, Song Machine Radio begins
  • 23rd of October: The studio album, Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez is released
  • 27th of October: The set of playlists, Midnight Mixtape is released
  • 5th of November: The EP, Song Machine Episode 8 & the single, The Valley of The Pagans are released
  • 12th of November: The condiment range, Hobbs Hot Sauce is released
  • 19th of November: The “Song Machine” Superplastic figures are released
  • 9th of December: Song Machine Radio ends
  • 12th of December: The streaming event; Song Machine Live from Kong begins
  • 13th of December: Song Machine Live from Kong ends
  • 23rd of December: The book, Gorillaz Almanac is released
  • 24th of December: The single, The Lost Chord is released


  • 26th of January: G-Mix: 15 is released
  • 14th of February: The playlist, Murdoc’s Anti-Valentines Mixtape is released
  • 10th of March: G-Mix: 16 is released
  • 17th of March: The playlist, It’s Not Easy Being Green is released
  • 20th of May: The Fred Perry range is launched
  • 17th of July: The boxset, G Collection is released
  • 10th of August: The Song Machine Tour 2021 begins
  • 20th of August: G Foot is relaunched
  • 26th of August: The EP, Meanwhile… is released
  • 27th of August: The playlist, Gorillaz Carnival Mixtape is released
  • 3rd of September: The GEEP Superplastic figure is released
  • 29th of October: Groove Bones Selecta’s Halloween Playlist is released
  • 8th of December: Song Machine Live from Kong airs in cinemas
  • 10th of December: Gorillaz: 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset is released


  • 25th of February: The “Spacesuit Set” & “Mini Series” Superplastic figures are released