Phase 7



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As Gorillaz returned to making concept albums, they decided to take their next record in a more daring direction with cult-themed marketing; this began with a newsletter for the cartoon band’s new religion, “The Last Cult”.

Gorillaz also managed to hit the ground running by kicking off this next phase with a world tour; early concerts saw the band performing new songs (Cracker Island & Silent Running). Their marketing also brought us a new set of slogans, including:

  • Cull-Ture
  • I am the Lamb
  • No More Zeitgeist Anymore
  • Turn off Tune out Drop in


The live band:

  • Keyboards: Jesse Hackett & Mike Smith
  • Lead guitar: Jeff Wootton
  • Bass guitar: Seye Adelekan
  • Drums/percussion: Femi Koleoso & Karl Vanden-Bossche
  • Backing vocals: Adeleye Omotayo, Angel Silvera, Matthew Allen, Matt Maijah, Michelle Ndegwa, Petra Luke & Rebecca Freckleton


After the emotional rollercoaster of a pandemic-driven lockdown (immediately followed by the world’s craziest road trip), Murdoc decided to begin his own religion; which he titled “The Last Cult”. He became “The Great Leader”, while 2D, Noodle & Russel became “The Chosen One”, “The Scholar” & “The Seeker of Truth” respectively…