Books & Magazines

Dazed & Confused – Issue 73: January 2001

Release date: 6th December 2000

Pages: 66-75

This magazine appearance was the band’s first ever publicity, introducing the world to the individual members and their personalities. This issue also came with a CD-ROM with the music video for Tomorrow Comes Today on it.


  • Monkey Business
  • The Making of a Cartoon Band


Untitled Booklet

Release date: 2000

This booklet was released in press kits to promote Gorillaz. It features some art from Phase 1, along with sections that introduce the band members.

Phase One: Celebrity Take Down Booklet

Celebrity Take Down Booklet

Release date: 18th November 2002

This booklet features some artwork from across Phase 1; along with band member bios, some backstory on how they formed and promotion for their website. It’s included with the Phase One: Celebrity Take Down (Special Edition) DVD.