Books & Magazines

Humanz Artbook


Release date: 28th April 2017

This features artwork, storyboards, production notes & the series, The Book of _____. It’s included with the vinyl version of Humanz (Deluxe Edition) & Humanz (Super Deluxe Edition).

The Book of:

  • 2D – Moaner and the Whale
  • Murdoc – Battleship Ringo
  • Russel – I am not Godzilla
  • Noodle – Memoirs of a Demon Slayer

Jamie Hewlett

Release date: 22nd October 2017

Pages: 23, 106-205, 170-171, 286, 293, 302-303, 373-374, 377-378, 381-388, 393-394, 413-414 & 421

This artbook collects 25 years of Jamie’s work, ending with a timeline of his life & career.

shots – Issue 172: November 2017

Release date: 25th October 2017

Pages: 1, 3-4, 16-21


This issue of shots features an article on Gorillaz’ history titled Brand Profile, as well as an AR cover that was designed to work with the Shots AR app. Some copies also came with a DVD showcasing the issue’s work, but weirdly doesn’t include anything related to Gorillaz; despite Noodle being on the cover.

Brand Profile:

  • The Revolution of Gorillaz
  • Apes Around the World: 2002-2010
  • Gorillaz Go 3D: 2010-2017
  • Very Modern Monkeys: 2017-

G Magazine

Release date: 1st December 2017

The band’s first solo magazine; sold via the G Foot store & at concerts. It includes a sticker sheet, a patch & a double-sided poster.


  • Stop the press, Gorillaz fans!
  • Gorillaz – A-Z of 2017
  • Spotted!
  • Murdoc’s Guide to Love
  • Crate-Digging: Journey to the Centre of the Noodle-Verse
  • Synths are My Friends by Stuart Pot
  • Russel Hobbs: I Believe in Ghosts
  • Gorillaz Meet Jamie Hewlett
  • Tracks of the Year
  • Last Day on Earth by Stuart Pot