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The path from phases 4-6 can be equated to the journey Gorillaz took from phases 1-3, with each phase slowly growing more in ambition and experimentation that attempted to blur the line between the virtual band and their music; and 2020 saw what could be their most experimental project to date, a series of EPs titled Song Machine.

Fright Night Quiz

While very little happened during the early months, the series was teased via postcards from the cartoon band members. The band also celebrated Halloween with a Facebook Watch Party titled Fright Night, which gave fans a marathon of horror movie trailers; and a horror quiz on Instagram.

Season One of Song Machine launched on the 30th of January 2020 with a wide array of advertisements helping to promote the series; such as banners projected at Westfield London and appearances on the covers of streaming playlists.

Snapchat Filter

Social media activity also saw a surge with Gorillaz launching a TikTok account, having public Q&A’s on social media with the launch of each episode and releasing filters for both Snapchat & Instagram. The band’s fan interactivity even went as far as an in-character public statement during the coronavirus pandemic; Parlophone also hosted a Quarantine Quiz about Gorillaz via their Instagram.

Said pandemic resulted in a worldwide lockdown, during which Gorillaz started a series of anecdotal telegrams via social media titled Get Lost & a Facebook group titled G Club, which they used to recommend a wide range of media to their fans during an event called 28 Day Challenge; these picks included:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk
  2. The Young Ones
  3. slowthai & Mura Masa – Doorman
  4. Akira
  5. MadonnaInto the Groove
  6. Pimp: The Story of My Life
  7. Santo & JohnnySleep Walk
  8. Parasite
  9. S-Town
  10. The Great Beauty
  11. Siddhartha
  12. Simon & Garfunkel50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (from The Concert in Central Park)
  13. Elvis Costello and the Attractions – I Want You
  14. Broken Record: Episode 30 – Andre 3000 and Rick Rubin In Conversation
  15. The Twits
  16. Cast Away
  17. Elton JohnYour Song
  18. Ways of Seeing
  19. The Golden Glove
  20. Desert Island DiscsIan Wright, former footballer and broadcaster
  21. The Brother from Another Planet
  22. Just Kids (Illustrated Edition)
  23. Homo Ludens / Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason / The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art / The Hand of Destiny: Folklore and Superstition for Everyday Life / Tibetan Yoga: Principles and Practices
  24. Fleetwood MacThe Chain
  25. Fifty Shades of Grey
  26. GoodFellas
  27. Running on Empty
  28. Gorillaz feat. George Benson – Humility

As the UK began to ease out of lockdown, Gorillaz took part in a “#BILLBOARDPOSITIVE” campaign to help boost public morale. Shortly after this, the band took a stand following the death of George Floyd; starting the “Be The Change” campaign with a range of clothing and a website linking several informative podcasts, articles, books, videos, Instagram accounts, petitions, donation links & guides to help people taking part in the protests.

The first album from the project (Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez) was announced on the 9th of September; alongside a membership pass titled Circle of Friendz, which gave fans early access to concert tickets and merch drops.

Merchandise from this period includes a range of Christmas supplies, a 2020 calendar, a series of art prints, T-shirts, sticker sheets, an almanac to celebrate their 20th anniversary & a figure of 2D by Superplastic. The phase also saw a surprise return to the band making online minigames with Aries Driving Game.


COVID-19 stunted the potential for a tour in 2020, so live performances (as limited as they were that year) were restricted to livestreams, including a three-show event titled Song Machine Live; which will allow Circle of Friendz members to watch the band perform their latest songs via LIVENow.


After dealing with prison, crime lords & aliens (a casual Tuesday for Gorillaz), the group split off to go travelling. Noodle visited Lake Urmia to take in the sights, 2D headed back to Beirut, Murdoc went clubbing in Ibiza & Russel flew to Mexico to make hot sauce.

Once they regrouped, it was back to making music; this time creating a new London-based Kong Studios (with its own portal to take them wherever they wanted) and nixing any plans on albums to free up their creative flow. “The machine” was finally ready and unveiled to the world as Song Machine. As the project started, Murdoc took to Twitter with the thread series, Debunked with Murdoc Niccals; where he frequently answered questions the fans had from watching the band’s music videos (until Russel hosted his own “Rebunked” session to call out Murdoc’s bullshit).

The COVID-19 outbreak left the band stuck indoors, keeping in touch with fans via a series of telegrams they referred to as Get Lost with Gorillaz. They were kept busy with the launch of G Club, Reddit AMA’s & the continued output of Song Machine episodes.

Rather than going abroad, the band spent their 2020 summer exploring London.