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Song Machine

Song Machine

Release dates: 30th January 2020 – Ongoing

These music videos were released as a series and referred to as “episodes”.


  1. Momentary Bliss
  2. Désolé
  3. Aries
  4. Friday 13th


Song Machine Theme Tune

Machine Bitez

#1 with 2D, Murdoc & Russel

#2 with 2D & Slaves

#3 with 2D & slowthai

#4 with 2D & Murdoc

#5 with 2D & Fatoumata Diawara

#6 with 2D, Murdoc & Russel

#7 with 2D, Noodle, Murdoc & Russel

#8 with 2D, Murdoc & Russel


Feliz Día de los Muertos

2D Videos

With the launch of each single, a series of videos would feature 2D advertising the songs for various streaming services; keeping his appearance from the respective music videos for each set of commercials.

This animation model of 2D was also used for a live duet with Damon Albarn; performing Aries on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Fright Night

Fright Night

Release date: 2nd November 2019

Where to watch:

Video list:

  1. An American Werewolf in London (35th Anniversary Trailer)
  2. The Omen (Trailer)
  3. Rosemary’s Baby (2:20 Trailer)
  4. Midsommar (Trailer)
  5. It Follows (Sundance Trailer)
  6. The Holy Mountain (Trailer)
  7. Don’t Look Now (3:10 Trailer)
  8. Dawn of the Dead (2:40 Trailer)
  9. The Evil Dead (Trailer)
  10. Carrie (Trailer)

Song Machine Extraz

Song Machine

Release date: 21st May 2020*

Where to watch:

Video list:

  1. A message from 2D of Gorillaz: Stay Home
  2. Gorillaz feat. Tony Allen & Skepta – How Far?
  3. Gorillaz – Aries (on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

*Videos were continuously added upon their releases.