Gorillaz x Reprezent

In December 2017, Gorillaz held a three-day takeover on Reprezent with discussions, interviews & DJ mixes; ending with a live concert. Most of the takeover was later uploaded to Reprezent’s Mixcloud account.

Saturday | Sunday | Monday


Sunday Roast’s ‘Celebrity Takedown’ [ft. Kieran Yates & Peter Robinson]

Sunday Roast's 'Celebrity Takedown' ft. Kieran Yates & Peter Robinson

Gorillaz Mix Series: Russel

Gorillaz Mix Series Russel

Sunday Roast’s ‘Slowboat to Hades’ [ft. Niellah & Juliette from gal-dem]

Sunday Roast's 'Slowboat to Hades' ft. Niellah & Juliette from gel-dem

Gorillaz Mix Series: Claptone

Gorillaz Mix Series: Claptone

Gorillaz Mix Series: Nic Fanciulli

Gorillaz Mix Series: Nic Fanciulli

Saturnz Barz Live at Pop Brixton

Cadenza, Gorillaz & Reprezent Presents: Saturnz Barz

Part 1: Lil C

Part 2: Epic B

Part 3: Manara

Part 4: Cadenza & Prynce Mini


Poté [ft. Remi Kabaka (Gorillaz)]

Poté ft. Remi Kabaka (Gorillaz).jpg

Gorillaz: Hip-Hop Pt. 1 [ft. Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde)]

Gorillaz: Hip-Hop Pt. 1 ft. Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde)

Sunday Roast’s ‘Escape to Plastic Beach’ [ft. George Monbiot & Dr. Heather Koldewey]

Gorillaz: Hip-Hop Pt. 2 [ft. Vince Staples]

Gorillaz Hip-Hop Pt. 2 ft. Vince Staples.jpg

Sunday Roast’s ‘We Are Still Humanz’ [ft. Ciaran Thapar & Dr. Kate Devlin]

Sunday Roast's 'We are Still Humanz' ft. Ciaran Thapar & Dr. Kate Devlin

5TATIC Meets… ‘Damon & Remi‘ (Part 1)

5TATIC Meets... 'Damon & Remi' (Part 1).jpg

Gorillaz Mix Series: Noodle

Gorillaz Mix Series: Noodle

5TATIC Meets… ‘Damon & Remi‘ (Part 2)

5TATIC Meets... 'Damon & Remi' (Part 2)

Ailbhe, Sherelle and Deluxe Presents.. Shaun Ryder’s Cop, Shop or Drop

Ailbhe, Sherelle and Deluxe Presents.. Shaun Ryder's Cop, Shop or Drop



Henrie - Live from the O2

DJ Pharaoh G

DJ Pharaoh G - Live from the O2.jpg


5TATIC - Live from the O2

Jodeci Chin

Jodeci Chin - Live from the O2.jpg

Brown x Blue x Nick [ft. Lil Simz]

Brown x Blue x Nick ft. Little Simz - Live from the O2


Munya - Live from the O2

Finn [ft. Jenny Beth]

Finn ft. Jenny Beth - Live from the O2

Lil C

Lil' C - Live from the O2