Rise of the Ogre

Hardcover | Paperback


Release date: 26th October 2006

Copies sold at a book signing event came with a fake library card.



  • [untitled]

Chapter 1: Nature Adores a Vacuum

  • [untitled]

Chapter 2: Unto the World a Band is Born

  • Murdoc Niccals – ‘Spawn of Stoke’
  • 12D3: In The Suburbs, They’re Spooked
  • August 15th 1997 ‘D-Day’
  • Russel Hobbs: Waking the Slumbering Giant
  • Noodle: A Very Special Delivery
  • The Camden Brownhouse
  • The History of Kong Studios

Chapter 3: How to Build a Monster

Chapter 4: Gorillaz on the March

  • [untitled]
  • Paris and Dublin Shows
  • ‘Gorillaz’ released in America
  • 19-2000
  • ‘I’ve been around the world but I’ve never been to me’ – NOODLE
  • Award. Take Me To A Ward.
  • The British Dates

Chapter 5: A Storm is Brewing

Chapter 6: The Rubber Mallet of the Gods

  • Brit Awards 2002
  • The North American Tour 2002
  • Mexico: The End of the Road
  • Hollywood and Bust
  • Hear No Evil
  • The Film That Time Forgot


  • Magazine cover gallery
  • Discography
  • 23 Skidoo!
  • Murdoc Niccals’ ‘El Diablo’ Bass Guitar*
  • ‘That’s the ticket!’*

Chapter 7: A Season in Hell

  • Murdoc Goes to Mexico
  • Russel Hobbs: The Breakbeat Breakdown
  • Noodle: Down and Out in Osaka, Japan
  • 2D: Awright, Darling!

Chapter 8: Live Tonight: Zombies! Death! Disease! Tequila!

  • [untitled]
  • Meanwhile, Back in Hobbstown…
  • Jailbreak!
  • Eastbourne to Essex: Tickets Please!

Chapter 9: The Making of ‘Demon Days

  • Who put the chemicals in the foodchain?
  • ‘Demon Days’ – Song by Song
  • Rock It
  • Grand Re-opening of Kong Studios
  • Search For A Star
  • Reject False Icons

Chapter 10: ‘Feel Good Inc.

  • [untitled]
  • Tales of the Unexpected: The iPod advert
  • ‘Demon Days’ released
  • ‘Demon Days’ Album Reviews
  • ‘It’s DARE‘: Shaun of the Dead: The Night Ryder

Chapter 11: The Demon Detour

Chapter 12: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Aftermath

  • The Last Interview, Kong Studios, Districtshire, Essex


  • [untitled]

*Gatefold spread.


Rise of the Ogre (Paperback)

Release date: 24th October 2007

Chapter changes:


  • 23 Skidoo!
  • Magazine cover gallery
  • Discography
  • ‘That’s the ticket!’
  • Murdoc Niccals’ ‘El Diablo’ Bass Guitar