During Phase 2, Gorillaz teamed up with Kidrobot to release six sets of figures in both Phase 1 & 2 designs; giving us a total of 20 different figures.

Black | Red | DARE | CMYK | White | 2-Tone

Black Edition

Release date: 24th May 2005

Copies made: 2000 each

All four figures came with a sticker sheet.

Red Edition

Release date: August 2005

Copies made: 2500 each

All four figures came with the same sticker sheet as the “Black” range.

DARE Edition

Kidrobot Noodle (DARE Edition)

Release date: October 2005

Copies made: 2000

This figure came with exclusive stickers.

CMYK Edition

Release date: 16th October 2006

White Edition

Release date: 2nd November 2006

2-Tone Edition

Release date: 2007

Copies made: 1000 each