Demon Dayz Festival

Starting in 2017, Gorillaz run their own series of festivals. These events showcase several artists and DJ’s (typically ones who’ve worked with Gorillaz in the past); as well as exhibiting their other projects from time to time.

Margate | LA

Demon Dayz Festival Margate

Demon Dayz Festival

Date: 10th June 2017

Location: Dreamland Margate, Kent, UK

Sponsor: Red Bull


The first festival was live-streamed by its sponsor and all attendees were given free access to all the rides at the park. Gorillaz also allowed fans to look inside Kong Solar Studio; the first song to come from the studio, Lao Ra x Lully x Throwing Shade – Frequency (No Dormir), was recorded on the same day. Festival-branded Red Bull cups (that featured a Snapcode for a Gorillaz filter) & sticks of Margate rock were also sold during the event.


Demon Dayz Festival LA

Demon Dayz Festival LA

Date: 20th October 2018

Location: Pico Rivera Sports Arena & Grounds, Los Angeles, US

Sponsor: Corona Extra

The second festival featured a wide range of things outside the musicians performing, including art murals, lucha libre, mariachi bands, a tattoo bus & a Gorillaz store which introduced Season 2 of G Foot with an early release.


  • Metralleta de Oro (Main Stage, 13:00)
  • DJ Ethos (Living Souls Arena, 13:00)
  • Chulita Vinyl Club (Corona Extra Demon Dayz Dome, 13:30-15:00 & 18:30-20:15)
  • Las Cafeteras (Living Souls Arena, 15:00)
  • Tony Allen (Main Stage, 15:30)
  • RIOBAMBA (Corona Extra Demon Dayz Dome, 15:30-16:45)
  • Kilo Kish (Living Souls Arena, 16:00)
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Main Stage, 16:30)
  • Ana Tijoux (Living Souls Arena, 17:00)
  • Chico Sonido (Corona Extra Demon Dayz Dome, 17:00-18:15)
  • DRAM (Main Stage, 17:30)
  • Little Simz (Living Souls Arena, 18:00)
  • Erykah Badu (Main Stage, 18:45)
  • The Internet (Living Souls Arena, 19:15)
  • Gorillaz (Main Stage, 20:45)

Originally, YOTA : Youth of the Apocalypse were intended to perform, but had to withdraw from the line-up.

Demon Dayz 2018 Map